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Collection of the Best Online Casino Bonuses

Vikas Varier| Last Updated on November 15, 2023

Most players want to know which online casino offers them the best return on their investment. One of the ways they maximise their returns is by choosing the casinos offering the largest pay-outs via bonuses. Luckily, there are plenty of options for Australians looking to make money from online casino rewards.

List of All Online Casino Bonuses Available in 2023

AU$4000 Match Bonus + 100 FS + AU$10 Free Bonus to Test
100% up to AU$1,000
+ 25 Free Spins
AU$1,500 + 150 Free Spins
Get 150% up to:
30 Free Spins
On 3 deposits
Up to AU$10,000 or 100 mBTC + 100 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
Get up to:
AU$7500 Bonus + 550 Free Spins
On ten deposits
Up to AU$6,000 Welcome Bonus
+ 200 Free Spins
300% up to AU$5,000
or 5 BTC + 100 Free Spins
Get 100% up to:
+ 100 Free Spins
Get up to:
AU$500 Bonus +100 Free Spins
AU$2000 Welcome Bonus or 5BTC + 200 Free Spins
AU$7,500 Welcome Bonus Оn your first four deposits + 10 FREE
AU$150 Welcome Bonus +100 Free Spins
Get 100% up to:
AU$5,200 Bonus + 250 Free Spins
On first three deposits
AU$2,500 Welcome Bonus+250 Free Spins Оn your first four deposits
AU$1,200 Welcome Bonus +150 Free Spins
up to AU$4,000 + 400 Free Spins
Get up to:
AU$300 Bonus +200 Free Spins
On two deposits
Get up to:
AU$3000 Bonus
On the second deposit
T&Cs Apply
Up to AU$1,500 Welcome Bonus
+ 150 Free Spins
Get up to:
AU$2000 Bonus + 225 Free Spins
100% up to AU$250
T&Cs Apply
400% up to:
250 FREE SPINS Bonus
200% up to AU$5,000 Welcome Bonus
+ AU$50 on your first two deposit

What are Casino Bonuses?

Casino bonuses are promotional offers that allow players to earn free spins or money while playing casino games. There are several kinds of prizes, some of which may be confusing. Regardless of their nature, they incentivize playing, leading to more player engagement and investment in the game. In other words, them allow players to earn free money, cryptocurrency, or bonus spins However, most them come with certain conditions or requirements.

How do I get my online casino bonus?

Getting an online casino bonus is pretty straightforward. In most cases, you’ll receive a welcome bonus as soon as you sign up and verify your account. In certain cases you need to redeem a coupon or in some cases, you just need to click on the claim welcome bonus tab to access the bonus. 

Other such as VIP bonus or loyalty have certain conditions attached to them. For instance, a loyalty bonus might be offered to a player who have been a member of the casino for over a year or so. Certain others might require you to complete certain levels of play to unlock the bonus coupons.

What types of bonuses are there?

Casino Deposit Bonus

These are extra monte rewards credited to your account and your first deposit. It is often accompanied by rewards such as a spin bonus and other free stuff. Deposit bonuses are offered based on the money invested, such as a 50% deposit bonus added to the original investment. For instance, if you deposited AU$50, then a 50% deposit bonus means you’ll get an extra amount of AU$25 as a reward. However, most have a limit, such as a maximum of AU$200. Also, you’ll have to bet some of your money before withdrawing your bonus.

First-Rate Deposit Bonuses in Australia

Deposit Bonus
Booster Bonus
T&Cs Apply
Deposit Bonus
300% up to AU$400 + 200 Free Spins - over your first 4 deposits!
T&Cs Apply
Deposit Bonus
Bad Beat Bonus
win up to AU$1000 at 100x the big blind
T&Cs Apply
Deposit Bonus
Royal Flush Bonus
win up to AU$200 at 50x the big blind
T&Cs Apply

No Deposit Bonuses 

These are among the difficult types to cash out, these are free spins or small cash credits without you having to commit financially. Although these are free , you’ll find that the terms and conditions required to cash out them are usually very tough. You’ll have to spend a lot (at least 30X your earnings) before withdrawing your no-deposit bonus.

Top-notch No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses
Bonus Code
AU$10 No Deposit Bonus
T&Cs Apply
No Deposit Bonuses
200% up to AU$2000 +50 free spins
T&Cs Apply
No Deposit Bonuses
No Code
Bonus Code
50% up to AU$300 + 100 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
No Deposit Bonuses
Wednesday Free SpinsDeposit from AU$30 up to AU$60
T&Cs Apply

Free Spins

It is a type of no-deposit bonus and is one of the most popular types of bonuses in recent times. Although the player doesn’t get a specific amount or percentage of money, they will get opportunities to play popular slot games. However, the player will have to spend some own cash before being able to withdraw the money made from bonus spins. If you get extra spins after making your first deposit, you will likely get fewer conditions than you would have to adhere to in the case of spin gifts. Some casinos offer you more than 10 or 20 spins, but you’ll have to wager a lot of your money before collecting the profits.

Excellent Online Casinos with Free Spins

Free Spins
Get 200% + 50 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
Free Spins Weekend Bonus
Now you Claim 30 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
Free Spins
1000 free spins Every Day.
T&Cs Apply
Free Spins
100 free spins in the Journey Flit Slot.
T&Cs Apply


These are one of the most popular loyalty programs online casinos offer. Check out the best loyalty with the best VIP programs online to earn many returns from playing online casinos. Most casinos offer some special contests for their long-term members. While these are the most beneficial rewards, they are the hardest ones. For instance, you might have to wait for a year before you are eligible to claim a loyalty bonus. Sometimes, you’ll have to wager a certain amount of money first.

Loyalty bonuses needn’t be in the form of cash or spin bonuses, and they could be anything, depending on the casino. Some casinos have competitions that offer the winners free trips, paid vacations, concert tickets, and so on.

VIP Programs

VIP Program
Bonus Code
AU$777 +777 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
VIP Program
Bonus Code
100% up to AU$1,000
T&Cs Apply
VIP Program
Prize pools in cash, free spins, or comp points!
T&Cs Apply
VIP Program
Bonuses up to AU$2,500
T&Cs Apply


These are used to ensure the players will get some of their money back even if they lose it while betting on their games. Casinos often offer cashback as bonus credits, allowing players to continue playing without adding extra funds to their accounts. Some casinos offer direct cash payment as well. For instance, casinos offer you a cash bonus if you lose a certain amount of money.

However, it might depend on how much you’ve lost by betting and are generally less beneficial than a no-deposit bonus. Nevertheless, it is one of the ways casinos keep their players interested and rewarded even while they are on a bad streak.

The Most Outstanding Cashback in Australia

Cashback Bonus
Up To 10% Cashback
On Your Losses
T&Cs Apply
Cashback Bonus
Weekly Deposit AU$30 (minimum)
10% cashback
T&Cs Apply
Cashback Bonus
Sunday Cashback Claim Up to AU$1700 in Cashback
T&Cs Apply

Mobile bonuses 

These are exclusively offered to players on the go. Such a bonus is available on a real money pokies or a casino app to ensure the players keep playing the games on their mobile phones. As more and more players are discovering the joy of mobile casino apps, mobile bonus is to get even more attractive in the future.

The Bonus Terms

Although there are several kinds of bonuses available, not all games are available for wagering them. In most cases, you’ll only be able to play slots. Casino games based on skill, such as blackjack or poker, where you can increase your winning chances due to your skill and experience, are not usually allowed.

Furthermore, most carry a wagering requirement. It is usually mentioned as the times a bonus must be wagered in particular games. It is indicated as ‘times’ and usually require you to wager a minimum amount to be eligible to cash out the winnings. That is, if you win anything and do not spend it on games while trying to meet the wagering requirements, you can withdraw what is left.

Additionally, sometimes the wagering requirements are tied to the deposit and bonus together, making it less advantageous for the player.

How to cash out ?

In most cases, you cannot cash out bonuses directly. The players can only cash out their winnings after wagering the bonus money in an real money online casino. These types are known as non-sticky or cashable.

In contrast, you have sticky, where you cannot cash out even the winnings, and all the money you win stays in the game. If you want to make money by cashing out, you should avoid sticky.

As mentioned above, even non-sticky generally carry a wagering requirement. Also known as playthrough, this indicates the times the bonus must be wagered in games. For instance, if the wagering requirement is 10X for a AU$10 bonus, you have to wager AU$100 in casino games. 

If the wagering requirements are tied to the deposit and bonus together it becomes less attractive for the player. For instance, in a playthrough of 10X with a deposit of AU$10, the sum of the deposit and bonus together is multiplied by ten. In this case, you’ll have to wager AU$200. You can withdraw this money if you win more while trying to meet the playthrough.

Why a Casino Bonus?

Although them are more complex than withdrawing money from your bank account, they are the most attractive features of any casino. Casino Benefits come in different types and terms, and finding the best is a considerable challenge. However, when you find a trustworthy and safe casino with good prizes, it is worth every cent you pay.  

But you should exercise caution while playing in a new online casino with the intention of how to make money. Check which are available and how to cash out even before you sign up. Also, check the wagering requirements, as the higher the wagering requirements, the lesser the chances of a win and withdrawal. However, some of the casinos have started offering no-wager bonuses recently.

Online Casino Bonuses Explained: Types Of Bonuses & How They Work

Offers to Avoid

While casinos might seem all rosy and attractive to earn loads of money, there are certain offers you would better avoid. Here are some suggestions where you should avoid deposit bonuses, no matter how tempting they are.

When it Seems Less Than Legit

Limited or Slow Customer Service

If an online casino is not certified by a reputable authority steer clear of it, no matter how attractive the deposit seem. Only play on trustworthy sites which ensure your personal details are safe and your rights are protected.

If the casino’s customer service is slow or limited, it is better to avoid it altogether. Always read the player reviews before you sign up and if the customer service isn’t up to the mark, it is better to stay away from that casino.

If the site is Prohibited in your Country

Unable to Understand the Playthrough Requirements

Please take this seriously because if you are playing from a country where the casino is prohibited, then the casino is not likely to honour any of its promotions. You might be able to make deposits, but you might not be able to withdraw your winnings.

If you can’t make the head and tail of the playthrough requirements, then it is better not to proceed any further. Deposit bonuses have certain playthrough requirements that have to be met within a certain timeframe to be eligible for withdrawal. If you are unable to understand them, don’t proceed further.

Terms and Conditions


Be wary if the terms and conditions of getting the bonus are missing from the casino’s site. If you can’t figure out the qualification for bonus, it is not worth spending your money and time on the casino. Deposit Prizes and other promotions usually come with strings attached and if the casino is shying away from laying them out in front of you, it is fishy. The terms and conditions should be clearly specified so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

If the deposit bonus doesn’t create value for you as a player, whether in the form of matching bonus that can be withdrawn as cash, or free spins, it is better not to get into it at all.  If you feel it is too high a risk, don’t take the deposit bonus offer. 

In short, although there are several situations where you should avoid taking up the deposit bonus offers, you shouldn’t dismiss them altogether without looking at them first. After all, these are ways you can maximise your money. But always exercise caution and don’t fall for bogus sites and claims.


What is a Free Spins bonus?

Free Spins allow you to play on slots for free and to win real money. You can earn them while playing most slots or receive them as a reward or bonus from casinos. Most casinos offer spin bonuses that are linked to specific games along with specific wagering requirements on the winnings. However, certain casinos offer spins without any wagering requirements – they even offer no deposit spins with no wagering requirements. It means any you won is yours to keep.

Are No Deposit Bonuses Really Free?

Yes, no deposit bonuses are free. Casinos offer these bonuses to prospective customers to entice them to deposit their own cash for further wins. They are also great for ensuring players spend more time on the casino site. In most cases, the casinos won’t allow you to withdraw your no deposit bonus until you meet certain wagering requirements. Hence, it is important that you read the terms and conditions because you may have to place the bet within a certain time to be eligible for withdrawing any winnings.

What is a Good Casino Bonus?

To decide what makes a casino bonus worthy, it’s necessary to consider the following features:
1. Deposit Amount  – How much you plan on spending as the first deposit. It is always the best and hence most players try to get the most out of it. 
2. Efficiency & Transparency – A lot depends on the reliability of and trustworthiness of a casino. No matter how good the bonus seems, if the casino isn’t secure or doesn’t offer good games and great customer support, it might be better to steer safe from it. 
3. Wagering requirements – You must consider the wagering requirements too before determining the attractiveness of a bonus offer. Sometimes the bonus offer seems excellent, but the wagering requirements will render it nearly impossible to win any money. So always read the fine print before signing up. 

Can I Use Multiple Bonuses at Online Casinos?

Well, it depends on casinos as most casinos won’t allow you to use more than one bonus at a time. However, many will offer you multiple bonuses so you can use them one after the other.

How Do Casino Bonus Codes Work?

Like any other promotional codes, casino bonus codes can be redeemed by inputting them into the appropriate box while making a deposit.

How do I activate a bonus code?

It is relatively easy to activate bonus code. The codes are usually displayed on the front page of a casino. But the more exclusive bonus codes might be revealed only when you browse a bit further on forums or other outlets.